The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

Two women, strangers, generations in age apart with so many past secrets between them, so much hurt, anger, fear and guilt, their lives filled with constant anxiety, one accused of murder, the other, almost murdered. But when their paths accidently cross, there is a bond neither of them wants to break. Is it ghost lighting…or gaslighting?

Beth Greer was accused of murdering men in 1977. She was notorious, dubbed The Lady Killer for gunning down men in their cars and leaving a note. Even with an eyewitness, they could never prove it was her. So, she was acquitted, went back to her lonely sorrowful life in the mansion her late parents lived in, her father murdered in and began to drink her life away. But ironically, she could not kill herself.

Shea Collins was kidnapped in 2017 when she was a very young girl. She was able to escape, but the next child had not been so lucky. As an adult, she is fascinated with unsolved cold cases. She even has a popular blog, which she spends hours on at night in her lonely apartment after working all day as a receptionist in a physician’s office. Her scars are many but hidden so deep only she and her sister know they are there and what triggers her. She rarely goes out, and will never get into an automobile.

But one day, recluse Beth Greer, now elderly, walks into the physician’s office and Shea, who has written and been fascinated by The Lady Killer case, can’t believe her eyes. She convinces Beth to go on the record after all these years about what happened back then. But Shea may regret involving herself in this particular cold case.

As she visits Beth in the mansion and interviews her, there are strange occurrences happening around her. After one interview she goes to transcribe her notes from her phone, and they mysteriously disappear. She begins to believe Beth is hiding way more than she is telling. As Shea decides to do a bit of investigating on her own, what she discovers will perhaps change the trajectory of what everyone thought they knew.

But what happened all those years ago is an act of evil like none ever seen before. And unfortunately for Shea, she could possibly the next victim!

The Book of Cold Cases is a cat and mouse game in which unfortunately there can be no winners. Only sinners. Or are there?

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