At Sea by Emma Fedor

Sometimes a fairytale romance can only be a fairytale. But love can, just like that, become a fairytale. What if by chance a man meets a woman by the sea and their relationship becomes more than just the fairytale. A love story for the ages. But what happens when the love story and the fairytale begin to crumble. What happens then?

Cara meets Brendan unexpectedly and accidentally at the beach on Martha’s Vineyard one summer day. Fresh from graduating college, Cara, an artist is staying with her aunt for the summer before heading to somewhere to try and figure out what to do with her life.

But, on that day she finds Brendan, she discovers he is life! He’s funny, spontaneous, handsome and has an incredible career as a U.S. Special Forces officer, so, he’s even mysterious! Although he cannot disclose much to Cara, she finds out his mother died in a car accident. Cara’s own mother died years ago of cancer. He is wealthy, which Cara thinks can’t hurt, and he must go on secret special assignments and be away for periods of time due to his job. But one bit of information seems to scare her. Brendan tells her the Special Forces implanted him with an experimental apparatus which allows him to breath underwater for days on end. Something no one knows about.

As their romance heats up that summer and knowing Brendan will have to leave on an assignment soon, Brendan suggests they have a child. They already know they will be together forever. Cara is not sure. Not about the being together forever, that’s a given, but she had plans for herself. She wanted her art to be featured in galleries. If she stays in Martha’s Vineyard, would that ever happen. But Cara becomes pregnant. As her due date approaches, she begins to notice a change in Brendan. He starts to become erratic, with mood swings. But perhaps it’s just the fact they are bringing a life into the world.

And then Micah is born. He is beautiful and they are happy for a while. But Brendan starts to obsess about the fact that perhaps Micah was born with the same power he has. He needs to know. Brendan starts to frighten Cara and she fears for Micah. She leaves with the baby. But one morning, she awakens to find Micah gone and no sign of Brendan. Her heart is broken, and she fears she will never see her child again.

Five years later, married to someone else and an artist on the Vineyard, someone comes up to her and tells her they saw two people, one a child swimming out in the middle of the ocean with no boat to be found. Cara is in shock. She is determined to find out if this is true. Her husband tells her she needs to let this fairytale of finding her son go. They will never be found.

But first loves never dies. No matter who thinks she is delusional, she knows this romance which started so long ago has not come to its conclusion. She will fight to the end to find her son, and the man she gave her soul to.

At Sea is a beautiful love story about trust, coping with illness, never giving up, first love and first heartbreak. Do fairytales really come true?

Thank you #NetGalley #GalleryBooks #AtSea #EmmaFedor for the advanced copy.

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