Mr. & Mrs. Witch by Gwenda Bond

Hold on for the ride of your life! On a broomstick, of course! Mr. & Mrs. Witch is a funny, cute read about two people who fall in love and decide to marry. Normally, by the time you arrive at the altar, there should be no surprises, but when Savannah Wilde and Griffin Carter reach the altar, all their secrets explode in their faces.

Savvy is a witch, although her fiancée has no idea. She honestly never thought she would fall in love, let alone marry someone, let alone a mortal, but she had instant chemistry when she met Griffin Carter, a professor.

Griffin Carter can’t believe his luck! He is marrying the love of his life, Savvy. They have known each other for a year, and they fit perfectly together in every way. He still feels a sense of angst when he thinks about the fact that although she thinks he’s a professor, he really works for a secret company who hunt witches. But thank goodness there is no reason for her to know.

So, as they both stand at the altar, ready to begin their life together, waiting to take their vows which will seal the deal, as they look around at the guests who have come to witness these glorious nuptials, they begin to notice some unsavory characters. Griffin sees a witch, but not just a witch, an important witch they have been going after for years. Savvy sees a Hunter, not just an ordinary hunter of witches, but the head of the company that tries to kill them. What on earth are they doing at the wedding?

As Savvy and Griffin stand at the altar, they both realize they have been keeping some pretty dark secrets. That’s when all hell breaks loose and both sides begin to curse the other side. Savvy and Griffin are in shock! They can’t marry! It would be a crime! So, they do the only proper thing…they scream at each other and leave with their respective families.

Unfortunately for them, Savvy has been banished from her coven and Griffin has lost his job. Even worse, they have both been put on a hitlist, by the higher ups. None of this makes any sense, and even though they both realize they can never marry; they decide to work together to figure out what is really going on.

And this is when the real fun begins, as we get to glimpse how they met and how the relationship progressed. With the help of their families, familiars and friends, the lovebirds begin to piece a not so nice puzzle together that seems to have been going on for centuries. Now, if only they can just solve it, before they are killed!

Mr. & Mrs. Witch is an exceptionally enjoyable read with plenty of mystery, sarcasm, laugh out loud moments and love.

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sGriffin #GwendaBond #Mr.&Mrs.Witch for the advanced copy.

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