Three Nights in Italy by Olivia Beirne

Three Nights in Italy is a wonderful, humorously, comical, uplifting story about a group of women, different ages and at very different stages in their lives. When the matriarch of the family dies, mother and daughter deal with the death in very different ways. But, with the help of old and new friends, they begin the healing process, and each begin a new chapter.

When Angie’s mother, Zoe’s grandmother, an artist who lived in Italy passes away, the two women are devastated. Although she was in her 90’s the thought of her not being in their lives never seemed possible. But both are devastated.

Angie’s solution is to continue on as if nothing has happened. She continues to run her life as always, doing errands, baking and cooking. Zoe’s solution is to mourn the loss. A wedding planner, she dives into work, but can’t help but feel she needs something from her grandmother to remember her by. She had always been promised her grandmother’s engagement ring which she never took off.

So, when Angie’s brother, Zoe’s uncle, Reggie makes the decision to go over to Italy to sell everything, Zoe doesn’t trust him to take the ring back with him. She decides she needs to go to her grandmother’s house in Italy and find the ring before Uncle Reggie sells it. But her mother refuses to go.

Enter Zoe’s best friend Harriet who is having her own life crisis. She hates her job. Her mother, an older woman remarried and has a new infant. She hardly pays any attention to Harriet anymore, barely remembering she even has an older daughter. Harriet feels as if her mother has a new family, and she is not included.

So, when Zoe asks Harriet to go to Italy with her, she knows she’s half-way there. And finally, they convince Angie to come, with the help of an old friend. Off they go! But nothing goes right to say the least! It’s a scene out of planes, trains and automobiles!

As their journey progresses, the women begin to learn quite a bit about themselves and each other and although they all can’t seem to get out of each other’s way, they become a united front in getting to the house and finding the ring for Zoe.

With so many hilarious plot twists, all you can do is root for these women as they begin to grow stronger with the help, it seems, from the strongest woman they all ever knew.

Three Nights in Italy is a romantic, funny, and empowering story with characters you will fall in love with and begin to miss even before the ending!

Thank you #NetGalley #Headline/HatchettPublishing #OliviaBeirne # ThreeNightsinItaly for the advanced copy. Please note that the Kindle version will be released on April 13 and the Paperback will be released on July 4.

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