The Guest by Emma Cline

Emma Cline’s The Guest is an uncomfortable read for all the best reasons. With a plot which emotes feelings of awkwardness and embarrassing lack of morals, one is drawn into the life of a young woman who is lost in so many ways.

Alex is a young, beautiful woman in her early twenties who is a grifter. That’s all she’s ever known. It’s the end of summer and having just come from New York City where she scammed her roommates as well as her last “boyfriend”, who is still trying to get in touch with her, she is now living it up on Long Island with an older man, Simon she met at a party where he invited her to stay at his house near the beach with him until his annual Labor Day party. Perfect. Her summer is secure.

Until she makes a few mistakes. First, she damages his car and quite frankly could care less and then she makes a fool out of herself at a party he takes her to and embarrasses him.

The next day, she is given her walking papers…a train ticket back to the city and a ride to the station. But Alex knows what awaits her back there, with no money, nowhere to live and an ex stalking her she decides to stay in Long Island and await Simon’s infamous Labor Day party. It’s only in a week. She is positive once he sees her there, all will be forgiven.

But, before that can actually happen, she must somehow survive the remaining days somewhere with someone. Thus begins her biggest scam yet, surviving on greed, damaging both items and innocent people. With no moral compass, she destroys whatever is in her path without looking back. Always able to justify her behavior while waiting for what she considers her happy ending.

The Guest is an incredibly intense, but fascinating look at one person’s obsessive greed and selfishness to get whatever she wants no matter what it takes and no matter who she may have to destroy in the process.

Thank you #NetGalley #RandomHouse #TheGuest #EmmaCline for the advanced copy.

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