The House of Secrets by Terry Lynn Thomas

Sarah Bennett has just endured a trial where her father had been accused of murder. He was found not guilty much to her chagrin as she was the star witness. Hounded by the press she seeks someplace to hide-out until all the media madness dies down.

She finds a job as a typist at the hospital of Dr. Matthew Geisler and his wife Bethany. Dr. Geisler has been treating people with mental illness and has become fascinated with the occult. He learns that Sarah has been hearing screaming and weeping. She thinks she is losing her mind but he feels these are signs she has certain powers to see and hear ghosts.

Minna, one of the residence of the hospital believes she too can see ghosts and fears that her dead fianc√©, Gregory, who happens to be Dr. Geisler’s late brother is haunting her and warning her that something bad is going to happen to the doctor.

In the meantime, Sarah discovers that her old flame Zeke who seemingly disappeared just before her father’s trial is also staying at the hospital due to injuries he incurred from an “accident”.

Soon Sarah begins to see and hear spirits who are trying to tell her things she cannot quite grasp. She keeps hearing from Geisler’s dead sister who insists her brother is in danger. She must solve the mystery of who would want to hurt the doctor and why, but also whoever it is are they from this world, or the hereafter? She must act quickly before there really is a murder.

This book was a cozy, historical story with a little paranormal thrown in. An easy read with lots of suspense and surprises. The House of Secrets is Book 2 in the Sarah Bennett Mystery series. The first book is The Spirit of Grace. You can find both out now.

Thank you #NetGalley #HarperCollins #The House of Spirits for the advanced copy.

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