The Summer Cottage by Viola Shipman

The Hope Chest was my first introduction into the wonderful world of author Viola Shipman. The Summer Cottage, the latest is even more lovely and inspiring.

Adie Lou Kruger spent her summers as a child at her grandparent’s summer home called Creaky Cottage, and then as a married adult with a child and husband at the same cottage when her parents took it over. There were very simple rules which had to be followed while at the cottage such as “Leave your troubles at the door” and my personal favorite “Nap often”. It was perhaps the best times of her life.

But when her parents both die and Adie Lou’s marriage fails she believes she should sell the cottage and begin to rebuild her life. Unable to let go of the memories of what the cottage has meant to her throughout her life, she makes a decision which will change her trajectory.

She decides to turn the much loved and much run down cottage into a bed-and-breakfast although many people doubt it will be able to succeed. Adie Lou watches as the progress of renovating the cottage. which comes with its own share of problems. begins to inspire her to feel hopeful about her decision as well as feeling empowered despite the harsh realities she encounters along the way.

The Summer Cottage is about finding out who you really are, finding love in many different forms, the importance of family of all types and especially the goodwill and tenderness of others.

Thank you #NetGalley #Graydon House #The Summer Cottage #Viola Shipman. The book will be out April 22.

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