Summer under the Stars by Catherine Ferguson

Daisy and Toby are a couple. Although opposites in just about everything, and Toby seeming to be more focused on work than Daisy, she still loves him. She especially loves Toby’s mom and his brood of all brothers. It has given her a sense of family every since her mother passed away rather quickly this past year.

Daisy, who was adopted, had a wonderful childhood with a father and mother who adored her. With the loss of her mother life has been very difficult as she was her best cheerleader when it came to her writing career and a book she had been working on forever. Unsure of her next choices and feeling insecure about everything Daisy realizes she is at a crossroad in her life.

So when Toby’s 30th birthday rolls around and Daisy finds herself with a little extra money, she decides to book them a romantic getaway at her friends “glamping” camp. Daisy feels this will be exactly what she and Toby need to rekindle their love. But also, Daisy has recently found out that her biological mother may have come from the next town over.

Unfortunately Toby does not appreciate the outdoor life and the bugs, etc. and decides he needs to work and sets off to an office nearby leaving Daisy alone most days to hike and ponder her life. And of course it is there she meets Jake, a handsome, strapping camper who is very mysterious. She also decides to pursue finding her biological mother, although she is conflicted as to what her mom would think.

Hence, chaos ensues and things are not always as they seem. This is a very sweet, feel-good love story with a few surprises thrown in and of course a very satisfying happy ending.

Thank you #NetGalley #Avon Books #Summer under the Stars #Catherine Ferguson for the advanced copy. The book will be out on May 13.

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