Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue is a love story between Alex, the President of the United States and Henry, the grandchild of the Queen of England. Although their first introductions were anything but cordial, and could have even been considered antagonistic, when pictures of them in what looks to be a physical fight come to light, both countries public relations departments intervene and push them both into situations to make them look as if they are best friends.

Soon, they do become more than friends and begin a secret relationship which if found out could destroy the relationships of both countries. And Alex’s mother is up for reelection against and very conservative opponent.

This was a very cute, funny romantic story, and how both Alex and Henry and their families learn lessons of love and trust and what is most important.

Thank for #NetGalley #St. Martin’s Press #Red, White & Royal Blue #Casey Quiston for the advanced copy. The book will be out May 14.

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