Mine by Courtney Cole

What happens when a wife and a mistress meet during a hurricane?  Explosions and fireworks!

Tessa Taylor discovers by accident her husband Ethan has been having an affair with a twenty-something year old.  Alone in their home she takes it upon herself to invite Ethan’s “girlfriend” Lindsey over pretending to be him.  As a hurricane battles the Florida house, inside the women battle each other over who Ethan really belongs to.

And nothing is really what it seems as the women rehash their different relationships with Ethan.

Is it Tessa, his wife of twenty years, the mother of his three children or Lindsey, the girl in nursing school who has a young son staying with her mother in another state as she tries to better herself and to whom Ethan has told he loves and would leave his wife for?  Should Tessa really believe her? Should Lindsey really believe Tessa?

As the night progresses and Ethan who is out of town and unable to get back to Florida due to the hurricane finds out that Tessa now knows his dark secret he. tries to keep tabs on both women not realizing they are actually together.  But in Mine it becomes a dance of sorts between Tessa and Lindsey as to who loves Ethan more, and which woman he really loves and finally who will win him in the end.

An incredible book of betrayal, love and forgiveness I could not put it down and finished it in two days!

Thank you #NetGalley #Gallery Books # Mine #Courtney Cole for the advanced copy.  Mine is out now.  Go out and get your copy fast!

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