Summer Hours by Amy Mason Doan


Summer Hours is a love story of sorts, but more important it is a story of a girl (woman) Becc who experiences a few rites of passage during her lifetime.  As a child, she and her best friend Eric bond over movies…any and all.  Inseparable until the end of their senior year of high school, both realize that perhaps this friendship could turn into something more.  It is made quite clear by the end of that summer nothing will happen.
When high school turns into college, Becc has a relationship with an older man which no one can know about.  This will later impact her relationship with Eric as a final betrayal to him.  Their relationship severed completely.
But when one of their childhood friends gets married in a summer wedding 10 years later Becc and Eric decide to meet up once again for a road trip almost the equivalent to Thelma and Louise (or Louis) in this case!  Their awkwardness during the trip with flashbacks as to how they ended up on this journey and the walls which were built throughout the years begin to break down and crumble.
Summer Hours is a beautiful coming of age story which focuses on Becc’s challenges as Miss Perfect in high school, through her college years where she has decided to have no boundaries and to keep secrets, to her working adult life where her mistakes come back to haunt her.   Especially her reasons for letting her choices always interfere with her relationship with Eric.
Can you really ever go back or take back mistakes and change the trajectory of your life after you have broken it?
Thank you #NetGalley #Graydon House #Summer Hours #Amy Mason Doan for the advanced copy.  The book is out now.

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