The Invited by Jennifer McMahon


The Invited is part ghost story, part suspense and part mystery.  All of which adds up to an incredible novel which will give you goosebumps and keep you up way too late as you read into the night to see what happens next!
Nate and Helen decide they want to live their lives off the grid so to speak.  With an inheritance from her dad, they buy a secluded plot of land in a very small town in Vermont.  There they will build by themselves their dream house.  From cement all they way to finished house.
And that’s where the fun begins!  Once the land is bought, they find out their property is allegedly haunted by Hattie Breckenridge, a woman who was hung back in the 1800’s after being accused by the townspeople of being a witch.  Folklore states that Hattie had hidden a fortune somewhere on her property and refused to tell anyone where prior to her hanging.
Helen, who had been a history teacher, begins to research Hattie and her family throughout the years and begins to make shocking discoveries.  Nate, who is an animal fanatic becomes obsessed with the nature surrounding the property.  But when Helen begins to bring newly discovered pieces which belonged to Hattie into the home they are building, this “conjures” up more than anyone could ever have expected.
With clues from Hattie, Helen realizes she is being asked to help some people who are in trouble.  Time is of the essence and she must decipher all the clues before someone else is killed.
A terrific read for people who like ghost stories and especially for people who like things that go bump in the night!

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