You’ve Been Volunteered by Laurie Gelman


In the latest book, Jen Dixon our snarky entertaining hero from Class Mom reluctantly becomes the room parent for her son Max’s third grade class.  Although many of the parents/children have returned, Gelman introduces us to even more new quirky parents.
With her best friend having moved away, Jen must also deal with a new PTA President she can’t quite figure out as well as reluctantly volunteering as the new safety guard coordinator. 
Meanwhile back at the home…Jen is dealing with a mouthy Max, a husband who is never home anymore, a mother who has just finished Chemo for breast cancer and a daughter who is…following a band around Europe…sound familiar?
Gelman knows just how to deal with serious issues with a light hearted spin never detracting from the importance of the subject. 
And spin she does…when a new couple they meet takes them on one heck of a ride!
You can’t help but love Jen Dixon!  My hope is there will be a sequel to the sequel and Max will never grow up!
Laurie Gelman has another winner with You’ve Been Volunteered.
Thank you #NetGalley #HenryHoltandCo #LaurieGelman #You’veBeenVolunteered for the advanced copy.  You’ve Been Volunteered is out today.

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