Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center


Since a young age all Cassie Hanwell has wanted to do was help people.  That’s why she wanted to become a firefighter.  Her dream came true and for many years she excelled at her job.  She was the only female firefighter in her firehouse in Texas.  She had earned the respect of her male colleagues. Life was good, for the most part.
But when an unexpected incident occurs at an award’s ceremony and Cassie’s ailing estranged mother begs her to come and help her she uproots her life to move to Boston to work in a small firehouse in a suburb.
She once again must begin the process of earning the respect of her male counterparts which also means being tortured by there incessant pranks!  She also has been assigned to look after the new guy, known as “the rookie”.  But things aren’t always the way they seem and not everyone is happy to have her there.
Over the course of time in Boston, Cassie learns the true meaning of forgiveness, letting your guard down so you can truly open yourself up to life, and most especially, when you choose life you can then open your heart to love.
Things You Save in a Fire is a beautiful story of a woman’s struggle which then becomes her strength, her honor, and her determination to be her true self no matter what life throws at her which can then lead to love.
Thank you so much Katherine Center and St. Martin’s Press for the advanced copy.  Things You Save in a Fire will be on sale on August 13.

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