The Escape Room by Megan Goldin


When elite business financiers Jules, Vincent, Sam and Sylvie who all work for the same company, find themselves called to an important meeting on a Friday night and get trapped in an elevator, they think help will soon arrive.  But they discover this will not be the case.  They are in the middle of a game.  The elevator is their prison and the game is the Escape Room.

In order to leave the elevator they must solve the questions and puzzles and complete the riddles.  But unfortunately these savvy business types begin to turn on each other as the questions and riddles get harder to answer and secrets they have been hiding begin to come to light.

But who is the Master of the Escape Room game?  Why have they been chosen and why are they being tortured? Who could they have possibly upset?  Well, in their world, that could be just about anyone living or dead.

And finally, who will survive both the game and the secrets which are the clues to opening the elevator.  As devious business executives which one will outwit the rest and what could possibly be the end prize?  Money or their lives?

The Escape Room is THE best book I have read this year!  With incredible plot twists and emotions which range from high to low I went on the rollercoaster ride of my life, and I was not let down!

Thank you, thank you #St.Martin’sPress for sending me the advanced copy of #TheEscapeRoom # MeganGoldin.  Don’t walk, run to the store and pick up a copy!


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