Pretty Guilty Women by Gina Lamanna


When old college friends reunite after being estranged for years for one of their own’s wedding, it should be a very joyous, happy occasion.  But that certainly was not in the cards. A murder has been committed and it seems they have all confessed. But it can only be one of them.

These college friends who are now somewhat strangers to each other all believe the other’s lives are perfect.  But all is not as it seems.

The gathering includes Kate, who is fashion model beautiful, wealthy and does not have a care in the world, but unbeknownst to her friends is in the middle of a horrific mid-life crisis.

Emily is a preschool teacher who drinks a bit.  She had a falling out years ago with one of her college roommates which she has regretted for years.  She also regrets the secrets she has been keeping and how they have been eating away at her.

Ginger is now a harried mother of three.  She and her husband whom she met in college barely make ends meet.  Her teenage daughter will be the death of her if her two younger children don’t kill each other first.

Then there is Lula an elderly woman they meet and befriend at the wedding who has been married “a few” times.  She thinks her latest husband is cheating on her and she will go to great lengths to figure out if this is true.

So, back to the murder…why would they each risk all they have to go to prison.  How did this situation get so out of control? Who really committed the crime and why?

Some friendships, both old and new can be meaningful, dependable and supportive regardless of their length or their history. But when push comes to shove these women will do anything and everything to protect each other. This is the lesson they learned.

Quite the page turner, Pretty Guilty Women is cleverly told via the detective’s interrogation’s of the women and then we have the women’s back story chapters.  There is comic relief as well with of course a few shocking twists at the end.

Thank you #NetGalley #SourcebooksLandmark #PrettyGuiltyWomen #GinaLamanna for the advanced copy. It was terrific!

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