Carnegie Hill by Jonathan Vatner


When Penelope “Pepper” Bradford moves into an exclusive apartment complex with her fiancé Rick, she believes their love is so strong they will live happily ever after.  But when Rick’s “fidelity” choices prior to their wedding as well as other issues begin to way on Pepper’s mind, their relationship becomes far from happy. It actually turns destructive for both of them.

As Penelope integrates herself into the apartment complex she decides to join the co-op board to keep herself occupied.  She begins to make friends with some of her neighbors and what she uncovers is that no one has the perfect life.

Patricia, the president of the board whose decisions seem to be those all must agree with, has many issues with apartment applicants as well as with board members becoming too friendly with the apartment staff, although she herself does not need to follow her own rules.

Francis and Carol who have been married and arguing for over 50 years both must face life-changing health issues which they choose to handle differently.  Can their relationship survive?

Birdie and George, another elderly couple also face a marriage crisis.  George has been deeply depressed since his retirement and Birdie can’t seem to get him to do anything about it other than take pills.  She feels it may be time for her to move on and begin a new life.

Sergei and Caleb met working at Carnegie Hill and have fallen in love.  Sergei cannot fully allow his feelings for Caleb to be known.  Caleb wants to shout how happy he is from the rooftops.  When Caleb does something without thinking it out, can Sergei forgive him?

Pepper looks at her neighbor’s relationships and realizes she too has big decisions to make.  How can she become the person she wants to be without hurting the ones she loves.

I would say Carnegie Hill is an updated version of Peyton Place, for those old enough to remember the show which was filled with eccentric people and drama galore.

Carnegie Hill is a terrific story with much drama and many laughs.

Thank you #NetGalley #CarnegieHill #JonathanVatner #ThomasDunneBooks for the advanced copy.

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