Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

OIPMeg Mackworth is a famous hand-lettering creator who has designed one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and has now branched out on her own.  Due to the popularity of her craft, the New York Times ran a feature on her which made her even more in demand.

But Meg has a secret, one she thought she only knew.  In her work, she sometimes hides words through her spellings which are known only to her.  They can be her thoughts and feelings about the project she has done.

So when Reid Sutherland comes into the shop she is working at and announces to Meg that he saw what she had written on his and his ex-fiancé’s wedding invitation and he wants to know why and how she knew, Meg is flabbergasted.

For some curious reason Meg is relieved Reid did not marry.  And Meg, who is trying to prepare for what could be a life-changing job interview and is in need of some new inspiration is curious as to how Reid was able to find her secret.  On a whim she asks Reid, a math and numbers man, if he would be interested in playing a game with her and go around and look for hidden words in signs all over New York City.

As Meg and Reid begin to connect through of all things the awkwardness of life in general which they have discovered they have in common, they launch into a once in a lifetime relationship.

But suddenly all the signs and words begin to change as does their relationship… Will they be able to recapture the joy and compatibility they shared? For some people who have a tendency to think outside the box, life can be a very lonely world. To find someone who thinks as you do can be transformative.

Love Lettering is just a beautiful, loving, heart aching story about two lost souls who find each other while accidentally reading into all the signs.

Thank you #NetGalley #KensingtonPress #KateClayborn #LoveLettering for the advanced copy.  Love Lettering come out December 31.


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