The God Game by Danny Tobey

OIF The God Game is an extraordinary thriller which looks into how virtual reality computer technology could possibly be a human’s downfall when put in the hands of coders who code in the darkest areas of the web. It is also a story about teenagers and their parents and how life’s pressures can influence anyone into making wrong choices.

The novel is the story of a group of misfit high school teenagers who are in a computer club.  They call themselves The Vindicators.  The group consists of outcasts who are bullied at school, but who also face incredible home-life pressures such as getting into the best college, the loss of a parent and child abuse.  They are mysteriously invited by an anonymous source to join an on-line web game created by coders of the dark web.  The adventure is called The God Game.

As a group, they all decide to accept the invitation, curious as to what kind of game will be played.  What starts out as an all for one, one for all fun game where you accumulate points to buy items and entry into new levels, quickly deviates into a game of survival of the fittest, or have your real life destroyed.

In the game, if you obey the artificial intelligence known as God, you are rewarded.  If you choose to not accept a task or request you are punished, only your punishments and rewards affect your real life reality.

They then discover God is creating horrible tasks which if rejected will harm someone in their life.  God also begins to play a separate game with them by pitting the group against each other, making them think they are working against each other rather than as a team.  They begin not only to turn on each other, but are then required to make choices which could hurt or kill others, including each other. When one of them asks how to leave the game they are told the only way to leave is to die…for real!

How on earth will they be able to quit without causing irreparable harm to the people they love? Who is God and why did he seem to change the original rules of the game?

This very fast paced all consuming story will keep you on the edge of your seat and rooting for this group of friends well after its conclusion.

All I can ask from its author Danny Tobey is MORE PLEASE!

My thanks to St. Martin’s Press and the incredible press kit that went along with the advanced copy.  The book is out today.

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