The Tenant by Katrine Engberg

images  The Tenant is an old-fashion who done it with flawed investigators who are bright and sassy, and a murder mystery which takes so many turns your head will spin.

Julie Stender is a woman in her twenties who is found murdered in her apartment with mysterious knife markings on her face.  A lovely girl who seemingly had no enemies, no one can understand why.

Incredibly, the owner of the building, Esther de Laurenti, a retired elderly woman who likes her wine, is in the process of writing her first mystery novel.  When she discovers the murder strangely coincides with the exact details of Julie’s death and her book, she is beside herself.

Enter Copenhagen detectives Jeppe Korner and his partner Anette Werner.  Korner is a miserably divorced, possibly hooked on pain killer’s gumshoe partnered with a junk food eating woman.

Trying to discover what the novel and the murder have in common is problematic as the only similarity is a party Esther threw for some of her writing friends.

What the partners must figure out is if Julie was killed intentionally by someone she knew or if someone killed her to mimic the details of the novel.  Nothing is quite as it seems and when the body count starts to add up and Esther goes missing, needless to say time begins to run out.

As the detectives begin to close in on a suspect, the strange truth begins to be exposed and thus begins the need for speed to save Esther and the murderer.

The Tenant is an explosive novel with incredible revelations and a satisfying ending.

Thank you #NetGalley #GalleryBooks # KatrineEngberg #TheTenant for the advanced copy.

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