The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick

OIP The Library of Lost and Found is a charming and uplifting story about a woman who always took time for everybody’s needs, but never for herself.  It’s about family secrets and regrets.  It’s about finding your inner strength in yourself and allowing others into your life.

Martha Storm is a librarian whose sole purpose on earth seems to be to help others.  When her parents became ill, she chose to stay with them and care for them instead of moving to New York with her fiancé, the love of her life,  even though her sister lived in the same English seaside town as their parents.  She allows her workmates to take advantage of her.  One makes her do their laundry, one makes her take care of their fish.  Her boss discourages her from applying for promotions.  Her sister even makes her mend her children’s clothes.

So when a stranger leaves a book of stories written by her dead grandmother, she is excited, but very confused.  You see, the book was printed three years after her grandmother’s death.

The mysterious book starts Martha thinking about her past.  Memories begin to flood back, some good and some not so great.  She decides she needs to play detective and figure out the puzzle of the book.  Martha, who lives in a bubble of her own making, must push her fears aside and begin to venture into reality. Fearful of journeying out of her comfort zone, and also frightened of what she may find out, Martha begins her trek.  She starts to grow stronger.

And strength is what she needs as she discovers family secrets from the past which everyone knew except her.  She has come so far, how does she not let the past overwhelm her again? How does she forgive those who have hurt her?

The Library of Lost and Found is a magical story of love, loss and life.  It proves without a doubt that no matter what, you can always start over again.

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