The Book of Candlelight by Ellery Adams

OIP The Book of Candlelight is the next installment of the Secret, Book & Scone Society series.  Adams once again outdoes herself with a great cozy mystery and a subplot of a group of tough women who must deal with their past mistakes, which they do by relying on each other for help.

Our heroine, Nora Pennington who owns the Miracle Books store in Miracle Springs, North Carolina finds the body of a pottery maker, Danny, a Cherokee.  Although the death has been classified as accidental, Nora does not think it was. Danny was found near a rock with a painted red bird, a symbol Danny always used on the bottom of his pottery.  His wife Marie has no idea why he was at the spot he died.

Meanwhile, with a new inn opening up in town, and a new friend, Sheldon, who has offered to assist Nora at the store, and the Secret, Book & Scone Society seeming to be targeted by someone who has vandalized their property, the town, which has been deluged by rain for weeks, seems a bit unsettled.

The new owner of the Inn of Mist and Roses, Lou and her best friend Pat discover while doing renovations a mysterious diary which had been hidden.  Then they find a picture of a red bird on a newly located wall.  Could this red bird, the bird on the stone and the one on Danny’s pottery be connected?  But why?

Then a second body is discovered and this one was no accident.  The Society begins to research the diary and the birds.  But could their investigating get someone else killed? Or can the strength of some tough, intelligent women take down a murderer?

One thing is for sure.  What they find will change many lives in the small town of Miracle Springs.

Thank you #NetGalley #KensingtonBooks #TheBookofCandlelight #ElleryAdam for the advanced copy.

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