Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson

Eight Perfect Murders is just that…perfect!

Bookstore owner and murder mystery lover Malcom Kershaw is shocked when an FBI agent comes into his store in Boston one snowy day to ask him some questions about a blog post he wrote years ago. Malcolm had put together what he thought were the eight perfect murder mysteries in which the murder could not be solved. Some on the list were books by Agatha Christie, Donna Tartt and Patricia Highsmith to name a few of the eight.

Questions are asked of him as to who knew he had written this list because it seems someone is could possibly be taking the murder plots from these books and killing people in a similar manner. Malcolm does not see a link to him, but decides to assist the FBI by getting information on some of the murders and rereading the books on his list.

Then he discovers one of his customers who had moved away a few years ago was a possible murder victim on the list. That’s when he begins to think this is no coincidence. And that is something Malcom cannot afford to happen. He does not want some of his past perilous decisions to be made public.

As he tries to put the pieces together he wonders if this could have anything to do with the death of his wife Claire who tragically died in a car accident on New Year’s Eve a few years ago. But what could the list have to do with Claire’s murder? Then he begins to suspect someone is following him. He tries to trace people from his past in hopes of finding the murderer in the present.

But then those being murdered begin to be people he has asked about. Malcom finds himself in his own terrifying eight perfect murders, afraid he will be one himself.

Eight Perfect Murders is a fantastic page turner with of course, the perfect ending to the perfect murder.

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