Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker

Molly Clarke once had it all. A loving husband and three terrific children. Then in an instant it all changed due to a terrible accident which left her family broken, and Molly fighting to put them back together.

On a stormy night, after feeling rejected once again by her children, she runs out of gas on a highway close to a gas station which has already closed. When a man and his young daughter drive by as she has begun walking in the pouring rain and offer her a ride, she at first hesitates, but then takes him up on his offer.

And then Molly just disappears.

Her clothes and a note which says she needs to get away are found in a room at the local casino. Her family and the police begin a massive search for Molly which yields no clues as to where she could have gone. Then rewards are offered to no avail. As Molly’s husband begins to believe she really has decided to leave them, her daughter Nicole refuses to let it go. Perhaps it is due to the guilt she feels as she relives the conversation she had with her mother the last time she saw her.

Then Nicole receives a tip from a woman who says she saw someone that matches her mother’s description get into a pick-up truck with a broken headlight the night Molly disappeared. Against her father’s wishes, Nicole decides to go back to the small town where her mother went missing and meet with the woman. What she discovers when she goes back is that her mother’s cold case is now brimming with local suspects.

She begins to learn the townsfolk know how to keep secrets buried and not everyone wants to give up what they know to her. But she persists and she begins to unravel the unknowns and starts to piece together an unbelievable story. But what could any of this have to do with her mother’s disappearance?

Then Nicole discovers the horrific truth which has her racing to find her mother before it is too late for both of them.

Don’t Look for Me is a twisted, devious psychological thriller which continually leaves the read both gasping and wanting more.

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sPress #WendyWalker #Don’tLookforMe for the advanced copy.

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