The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

In a sleepy retirement village in England, a group of seniors meet every Thursday in their clubhouse to discuss old unsolved mysteries. They call themselves the Thursday Murder Club. Until one day a local developer is found dead. And now they have an actual murder they can investigate themselves. And they are very excited!

We are introduced to these comical, intelligent, octogenarians as they seem to bumble through the investigation, but quietly actually begin to piece together the clues. One must never underestimate the power of a senior citizen able to manipulate a situation! We have Elizabeth, who seems to be the ring leader with a mysterious past who has many former friends in law enforcement, Joyce, a retired nurse, who through her written humorous yet informative daily journal gives us more detail into the goings of the club members, Ron, whose son is a celebrity boxer turned reality star and Ibrahim, a former psychiatrist.

As the group begins to investigate and tackle the murder, they are hindered as more bodies start to pile up, some from years ago. With the help from their friends…but in reality are the police investigators Donna De Freitas and Chris Hudson, who they seem to be able to manipulate into unknowingly (or knowingly) pass them information during hysterical tea visits. Suddenly, the case takes a strange turn…could the killer or killers be one of them? Will this group be able to piece together the clues, and masterfully solve the case?

But the Thursday Club not only solves murders. We see the love they have not only for each other, but for spouses both past and present as well as others who live in the retirement community. They take care of each other, no matter what that means. No matter what needs to be done. No matter what needs to be left unsaid. Their bond is unbreakable.

The Thursday Murder Club is an extremely funny mystery with ingenious clues and a perfectly executed ending. One can only hope Richard Osman writes a second.

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