Thank You, Next by Sophie Ranald

Zoe is just beginning to get over the heartbreak of losing the love of her life. A chef, she and her cat Frazzle live upstairs from the bar she cooks at aptly named The Ginger Cat.

She starts to get a bit of pressure to begin to date again from the other chef, Ronnie, who seems to have no problem finding trysts. He insists she at least put herself out there on one of the many dating apps that exist. She does and after her first date, or no show date, she decides she can’t find love this way. But then she discovers a dating astrology app, which partners love compatibility through your signs. Zoe thinks she has hit the jackpot! She signs up! Let the love match begin!

And then it doesn’t go as well as anticipated. She finds one match to be perfect! So perfect that not only do they never go on another date, but he blocks her! Then there is another date which after serenading her for one hour has her married with children! Finding Mr. Right may be very wrong for Zoe.

Then the stars align, not on the app but accidently and she literally falls for someone. She seems to think she has met “the one”. OK, so he’s not that great in bed, that will get better, and he does not have a real job but that could change right? and he is a bit of a slob, but at least she can clean up after him. It’s still a boyfriend and she can stop dating.

As Zoe debates the pro’s and con’s of being in love, what she seems to miss are the goings on at the bar and how sometimes you may not need an an astrology app to see the vision right in front of you. Perhaps sometimes the only help you really need when looking for love is no help at all.

Thank You, Next is an enjoyable, funny story as are all Ranald’s books. This book will take you away from the toil of one’s life and plunge you into a world of lightness, wit and of course, love.

Thank you #NetGalley #Bookouture #SohieRanald #ThankYou,Next for the advanced copy.

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