You Have A Match by Emma Lord

Emma Lord, author of the adorable bestselling young adult novel, Tweet Cute has struck gold with her latest novel, another heartfelt, empowering, riveting and intriguing story in You Have A Match.

When Abby and her best friends Leo and Connie send out their DNA as part of a school science project, Abby is mildly curious for herself, but more so for Leo who is adopted and who although is her best friend is also her secret crush. But the results that come back are more startling than anyone could ever imagine. Abby finds out she has an older sister who just happens to be a social media phenomenon named Savannah Tully (Savvy). Her parents have never once mentioned anything about having another child and when Abby agrees to meet Savvy they realize they are practically clones of each other. They don’t understand why they would have given Savvy up for adoption. And then they discover that their parents knew each other at the time of the adoption.

So Abby is extremely confused. Since her grandfather passed she has been lost. He was everything a young awkward teenager needed in a friend. A photographer, he encouraged her love for taking pictures of people and urged her to branch other into other areas. Her grades have been sliding and she feels uncomfortable with herself and feels unable to explain to her parents what she really wants out of life as she feels they already have her life planned out for her. She is self conscience around Leo after Connie’s admission that he does not feel the same way about her.

Abby and Savvy hatch a plan to go the summer camp where Savvy is a counselor. They decide at some point their parents will come and visit and find out the girls know they are related and hopefully tell them what happened all those years ago. But unbeknownst to Abby, Leo is there as a camp chef which then puts Abby’s emotional turmoil into high gear. How can Abby be herself with Leo here?

But when Abby and Savvy’s parents finally meet, it does not go well at all. Abby’s parents decide she needs to come home. How can Abby and Savvy try and save their own relationship if their parent won’t even communicate? And more importantly what on earth put the adults on this path years ago? Why was Savvy given away?

You Have A Match is a charming coming of age novel written with feeling and emotion. This creative story has wit, love, romance, family support and mystery.

Thank you #NetGalley #WednesdayBooks #EmmaLord #YouHaveAMatch for the advanced copy.

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