Frontier Follies by Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond also known as The Pioneer Woman, cook show host, author and entrepreneur’s latest book Frontier Follies is an uplifting book of essays about her life on the Drummond ranch with her in-laws, children, cowboys and husband. Now, if you are not a fan of Ree, (I personally feel like she is a friend in my head), this book may not be for you. But if you enjoy witty stories about life, love and skunks you will enjoy this book of well written, heartwarming themes.

In Frontier Follies, Drummond gives the reader an inside seat at her and husband Ladd’s table where she shares some very funny, sometimes crude table talk on life on a ranch. Whether it’s how she seems to wash dishes as she and Ladd have arguments, (I Do Dishes When I Argue), or how no one comes between Ladd and a meal, (Ladd and the Gala) or what their trials and tribulations were during their first year of marriage with Ree being pregnant and trying to adjust to life on a ranch where her closest neighbor is almost an hour away, there is a certain flair and sarcasm she uses to make even the direst of situations make you smile.

As she chronicles her families lives on the ranch, attempting homeschooling, or planting sunflowers only to have them destroyed, or telling the tale of a family of skunks who moved in under their house on the ranch, each essay exudes her charm.

There is a section on losing Ladd’s mother Nan a few years ago as well as a naughty essay about Nan which made me laugh out loud. Also included is the story of how they became foster parents to their “bonus kid” Jamar and what the adjustment was like for everybody in their family. Oh, and there are stories about the cowboys on the ranch!

Frontier Follies is an enjoyable, easy read with a tender and lighthearted look into how someone’s track in life of becoming a lawyer took a deep turn when she fell in love with a cowboy.

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