People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

Poppy and Alex met by accident in college. Coincidentally they came from the same small hometown. Even so, their childhoods could not have been more different. But as the old adage says, opposites attract and they became the best of friends.

They spent all their college days together, and even spent their summers back home with Poppy dragging Alex places to try and give him new experiences. Alex, a bit set in his ways, always hesitant, but agreeable when it came to what Poppy wanted. Their friendship had no boundaries, even when Poppy moved to New York City to become a travel writer. And every summer, regardless of where they were in life, or who they were dating they always went on one vacation together.

Until two years ago when something happened and they have not spoken since.

For Poppy those two years were long and agonizing. Nothing compared to her time with Alex. She realizes what she has been missing these past years is Alex and their friendship. So on a whim she sends him a text and he replies. They begin to catch up on the time they spent apart.

Poppy then gets a brilliant idea to see if she can convince Alex to go on their annual summer vacation. She hopes they can get back to where they were prior to the disastrous last vacation. But can you really go back when so much time has passed? Can you ever conquer the roadblocks put in place when there has been a falling out? Can relationships really recover?

As Poppy reflects on their previous vacations through the years, she suddenly begins to see a pattern emerge. Perhaps not everything was as it seemed. Were there other feelings and emotions going on that they were both unaware?

Now Poppy must try and fix what has broken between her and Alex in hopes that she will not lose her best friend forever, a devastating thought she can hardly contemplate. She will do whatever it takes to mend this friendship. But this vacation seems to be one disaster after another. And as the days wind to a close, Poppy makes one realization which will change her and Alex’s connection forever.

People We Meet On Vacation is a tender, comedic, heartbreaking, emotional story in which all the reader can do is go along for the ride (or the vacations) and root for these two beautiful souls to fix what never should have been fractured in the first place.

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