The Guilt Trip by Sandie Jones

It was supposed to be a fun relaxing getaway for four good friends going to a destination wedding. But the fun never really began and they all seemed to be racked with guilt of some sort. Secrets are exposed, lives will be changed forever and jealousy and revenge will rear their ugly heads. More importantly who is telling the truth? Who do we believe? Unfortunately sometimes it’s not the lies, but the truth which can get you killed.

Rachel and her husband Jack and Paige and her husband Noah have been friends forever. Actually, Rachel and Noah have been best friends since college. Even their children have been friends since birth. The couples are traveling to Portugal for Jack’s brother’s wedding to his fiancee, Ali who used to work for Jack.

According to Jack, Ali has a problem telling the truth. Between embellishing stories, her “stylish” garb and always present smile and flirty demeaner, the group can barely tolerate her. But for Will’s sake, who seems totally smitten, they have decided to look the other way. Until Jack tells them something upon arrival to the resort which changes everything. Ali had been cheating with one of his married employees. He had her fired.

But as Rachel begins to look into Jack’s story, something seems a bit off. Ali begins lying to her. She sees Ali leaving her and Jack’s hotel room with Jack in a towel coming out of the shower. She confides in her best friend Paige that she thinks Jack and Ali may be having an affair. This seems to make the situation worse. But as the weekend progresses we find out other secrets the friends have kept from each other. Rachel wonders why Ali is lying. What does she have to gain? Should she tell Will that Ali is not what she seems? What secrets could Ali know? Will Ali expose any skeletons from their pasts? Can she be stopped?

All these questions will be answered in an explosive, shocking ending in which all their lives will be changed, and the guilt they each hid over the years will become visible. As with all Sandie Jones’ books, just when you think the story can’t get any better, she seems to always be able to save the best for last!

Thank you #NetGalley #MinotaurBooks #TheGuiltTrip #SandieJones for the advanced copy.

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