Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea

When Avery Mason, popular television host of the show American Events decides to cover an exciting story about a woman who died twenty years ago in the Twin Towers on 9/11 and because of new technology, has had her remains identified she thought it would be a piece which her loyal viewers would not only find interesting, but would appreciate. But as she begins to learn about the dead woman, Victoria Ford, she discovers that at the time of her death she had been charged with the murder of her married lover, a famous author who was found dead hanging off his balcony.

When she decides to visit Ford’s sister, Emma to find out more information on the life and last days of Victoria, she discovers Emma has kept phone recordings which were made by her sister on 9/11 while she was in the Tower that fateful day. In both calls she implores her sister to please help her prove her innocence, saying she was set up. All these years, Emma has been trying to fight this fight alone. Now, Avery Mason has agreed to look into the case.

She contacts Walt Jenkins, a retired FBI agent who was the detective overseeing the murder case all those years ago. Unbeknownst to Avery, Walt was asked by the FBI to help them in locating Avery Mason’s father who fled years ago after being accused of running a pyramid scheme and stealing millions of dollars from his clients. You see, Avery has some secrets of her own which could ruin her career.

As Avery and Walt begin to look at the old murder file, they soon begin to see inconsistencies which Walt, at the time of the murder, a novice detective never picked up on. Is this perhaps why he was put on the case in the first place? Although Victoria Ford’s blood is all over the crime scene something just doesn’t make sense. But with fresh eyes, they see there were others who could possibly have benefited from the death.

With Avery and Walt working together, the past and the present begin to intersect, with the terrifying realizations of what may have actually happened twenty years ago. Not only will the characters be shocked, but the readers as well.

Charlie Donlea, author of the incredible book The Suicide House has once again written an absolutely all consuming, heart thumping story with the most incredible twistiest of twists.

Thank you #NetGalley #Kensington #CharlieDonlea #TwentyYearsLater for the advanced copy. The book will be out next week.

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