Every Vow You Break by Peter Swanson

This is a story about lies and mistakes. Some may perhaps come back to haunt you, but some may actually kill you…

Abigail Baskin is getting married! Her fiancée is millionaire Bruce Lamb. He is handsome, kind, generous and caring. How did she get so lucky? Does she have second thoughts? Sure, doesn’t everybody?

But during her weekend bachelorette party with her girlfriends, she gets drunk and makes a terrible mistake. She ends up sleeping with another guest. No real names were ever exchanged, and Abigail feels terribly guilty. She tries to put it out of her mind knowing she loves Bruce, and it was just a one-night stand.

Until a week before her wedding. First Abigail thinks she sees her one-night stand, then receives an email from him. How did he find her? How could he know her real name? He proclaims his undying love for her and thinks she feels the same way. He promises if she tells him she does not feel the same way he will leave her alone. Should she tell Bruce? Would he even understand? She sends an email back telling him to stop stalking her, she knows she loves her fiancée, and he means nothing to her.

She thinks she has nipped the problem in the butt until on her wedding day she begins to smell clove cigarettes, the type her one-night stand smoked. This must be a coincidence. But when he suddenly shows up at the exclusive private island they are honeymooning at, she realizes he must be crazy. If she tells Bruce about her mistake, he will never forgive her. But she is frightened as to what he will tell Bruce. All he wants is to talk to her one last time. Should she take matters into her own hands?

Then while on the island Abigail meets another woman (the ONLY other woman on an island of all men) honeymooning there as well. This woman begins to tell her a frightening story that her former fiancée is staying on the island and has been harassing her. What is happening? This can’t be a bad coincidence!

When Abigail sees this other woman running for her life late one night, she realizes something is not right on this island. Suddenly, her husband’s personality begins to change. Abigail finds herself in the fight of her life, for her life! She may not be the only one keeping secrets! But it might be too late. None of this makes sense. And then Abigail’s life blows up in her face.

This story takes the words till death do us part to a totally different level!

Every Vow You Break is a chilling story created by one of the masters of suspense, Peter Swanson. You won’t be able to put this book down!

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