The Maid by Nita Prose

The Maid is an extraordinarily inspiring story, mysterious, comedic, pensive and full of plot twists.

Molly Gray works at the famous Regency Hotel as a maid. The guest list includes the rich and famous. Molly is a maid at the fancy establishment. Known by all as Molly the Maid, she knows she is expected to clean and not be seen. She is an expert at not only cleaning but being very discreet. You see, Molly is a bit peculiar. She has her own way of thinking and finds it difficult to grasp social cues. Raised by her Gran who has recently died, Molly is now trying to navigate life by always remembering what her Gran had told her about situations and personalities. Today, Molly’s life will change, and her Gran’s advice will not be able to help.

While cleaning a suite for a very wealthy client and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Black, Molly finds the dead body of Mr. Black on the bed. She remembers protocol and immediately calls downstairs to let them know. But before anyone arrives, she is able to scrutinize the scene. This is a scenario she and Gran had never discussed. Molly feels lost and alone. With no one to help her she asks the advice of a “friend” from the hotel. He is one of two friends she helps out when they ask. For the most part, she keeps her distance from her co-workers, not sure she can trust them.

Suddenly, it is discovered Mr. Black has been murdered and Molly finds herself accused. She has found it difficult to answer some of the questions the detective has asked, and her answers seem to have gotten her into trouble. Having been taken advantage of in the past, Molly finds herself about to be evicted from the only home she has ever known and facing a prison sentence for a homicide she had nothing to do with.

But Molly may never have really been all alone. With the help of another employee at the hotel, and his daughter who is a lawyer, they will attempt to prove Molly innocent of the crime, requesting Molly assist them in finding the true murderer, something Molly is not sure she will be able to do. Can Molly help them before it’s too late and she is charged?

Not only does Molly give us the sage advice she has learned from her Gran, but she learns the true meaning of friendship and exactly what true friends do for you. The Maid is an uplifting murder mystery with heart and soul where the underdog is able to shine.

Thank you #NetGalley #BallentineBooks #NitaProse #TheMaid for the advanced copy. The book will be out in early January.

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