The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert

When two strangers from different backgrounds meet, there is uncomfortable mistrust which as time goes by begins to form the foundation of a beautiful love story.

Sanna Lund works at her family’s apple orchard farm in Wisconsin. The orchard has been in the family for generations. Although the orchard has always been profitable, over the past few years it has seen fewer customers. Sanna’s passion is making cider from the apples. Her father bought her equipment to help. But unbeknownst to her he spent the last of their savings on the new equipment, leaving them unable to pay bills. Now, her brother is pressuring her and her father to sell the orchard to an amusement company.

Sanna knows no other world. Her life is one simple routine after another. She even still dates her boyfriend from high school, once a week, even though they aren’t really dating! She has no friends other than her trees and refuses to discuss her mother, whom she calls “The Egg Donor” who left them years ago. Sanna thinks her life is complete.

Enter Isaac Banks. Banks and his young son Sebastian are from California. Isaac is a tech person. They have been on a summer road trip visiting places which pique their interest. Isaac loves his son dearly, and has some horrible news to tell him, but just can’t find a way to do it, so he continues to avoid the conversation.

When Isaac and Sebastion meet an older woman as they pass through Door County, a small town, she tells them they would love the simplicity of the town and she knows for a fact that the Lunds are looking for summer help. They decide to go visit the orchard and are hired on the spot By Sanna’s father, much to her horror. First, she doesn’t think they need help and second, she does not particularly care for children. She seems to have forgotten that as a child, she and her brother use to have incredible fun playing in the orchard.

But when Sanna’s father is terribly injured in an accident, Isaac steps up to the plate to assist the family and the orchard. As Sanna begins to rely more and more on Isaac she begins to see and feel differently about well, everything!

But Sanna’s brother has made HIS decision. It is time to sell, and he won’t take no for an answer. How will they be able to hold on to their beautiful apple orchard when they have no money? And with Isaac and Sebastian heading back to California, where does that leave Sanna? Isaac has become one of the only people she has ever trusted.

Reichert once again has written a touching story about love, loss and finding one’s way even when you feel horribly lost.

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