Drop Dead Gorgeous by Rachel Gibson

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a remarkably funny, poignant, upliftingly unique book about death!

Brittany Lynn Snider, bless her heart is a young hairdresser from a small town in Texas. She works at her mother’s hair shop and enjoys BBQ, coloring her hair and boys. But after Church one day, she lies to her mother and takes her mom’s minivan on a road trip to meet a Tinder date. Oops…she dies on the way. But she wakes up in the hospital to not only see her body on life support, but a cast of characters who are in the same boat as she is…. waiting to figure out if they will live or die. There are rules in this warped world which must be followed. There is a waiting room for them where they are able to watch movies or television shows such as 7th Heaven over and over again.

While there she meets a young beautiful woman who not only looks like a model but looks like a pretty wealthy model to boot. Her name is Edie, and she seems to have bandages wrapped around her wrist and is tied down to her bed. Hmm… Edie befriends Brittany Lynn and tries to bribe her. If Brittany Lynn gets to go to Heaven, if she lets Edie go instead, she will pay her nicely for the favor. But Brittany Lynn decides to put her fate in the higher power’s hands.

So, when it looks like Brittany Lynn’s time has come to go to Heaven, she embraces it, but sneaky Edie decides to push her out of the way and is able to jump ahead. But what Edie doesn’t realize is God always has a plan. While Edie is being dealt with upstairs, Brittany Lynn is given a choice to return to a body, but not her own, Edie’s. You see Edie jumped into Brittany Lynn’s body! Edie’s is up for grabs.

Brittany Lynn decides to be put into Edie’s comatose body, thinking when she wakes up, she can explain to everyone what happened. But that’s not what transpires. She realizes she has to pretend she is Edie, for the rest of her life, and if she thought Edie was nasty for the short time she knew her, well, nothing could possibly prepare her for Edie’s life!

When she awakes, she fakes amnesia so no one will question why she can’t remember anyone or anything of Edie’s life. She discovers Edie was not very liked, even by her own immediate family. Quite frankly with her attitude, she is surprised even her faithful dog liked her, even though the dog does not seem to care for Brittany Lynn one bit. As she begins to maneuver the rich life of a not so nice person, all she can really think about is getting back home and trying to make her parents see she is not dead but just looks different.

But there is one person Brittany Lynn seems to have her eye on. Someone who Edie hated and had not spoken to in years. What on earth is she going to do? How does she learn to live in this gorgeous body in a penthouse filled with incredible clothes and shoes yet tame the Edie beast? She just wants her real mom, considering Edie’s mom and dad possibly left their feelings at the mansion door years ago when it came to Edie’s antics.

But then Brittany Lynn has an idea. Will it work? Can she sway her parents into seeing who she really is? Does she even know who she is anymore? Edie’s family certainly doesn’t know or understand this Edie. All she can do is try to change Edie which is easier said than done!

As for the real Edie? Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out what happened to her!

The story is filled with laughs, soul-searching and love. What an incredible uplifting story about such a sad topic.

Thank you to #Goodreads #GalleryBooks #RachelGibson #DropDeadGorgeous for the advanced copy.

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