The Vanishing Type by Ellery Adams

The Secret, Book and Scone Society has to work triple duty in the newest Ellery Adams cozy mystery!

Although our favorite Miracle Springs bookstore owner Nora Pennington has had a few personal changes in her life since we have last visited with her, things are going pretty smoothly. She and her assistant Sheldon have been working arduously to attract visitors to the store, even planning an event in the near future. Although unfortunately, there has been a bit of damage to a few of the books recently. It seems someone has taken a disliking to the covers of The Scarlet Letter!

But then Nora gets the news that one of the friends in the society, Hester, will be getting proposed to and the others are asked to help with the planning of the proposal. Everyone is extremely excited for Hester, except for Hester. You see she has never told her fiancé about her past, and now she is afraid once he hears, he will not want to marry her. She is terribly out of sorts.

As this is all going on, a man is found dead on a hiking path with an orange jacket on and with a very strange antique book in the pocket. Nora begins to wonder why he would be carrying this book. And then coincidentally, another in the series is found in the possession of an elderly woman who has passed away and whose books were donated to Nora. What are the odds these two incidences could be a coincidence?

Meanwhile, as Hester is nearing a breakdown due to the stress of her secret, Estelle’s boyfriend becomes critically ill, and the women must try and focus on comforting her as best they can.

As Nora races to figure out what on earth these book clues could mean, there is another murder, this one a woman who just happened to be wearing a raincoat the same color as Hester! This suddenly changes this book mystery into a life and death situation.

The women must all gather their strength in so many ways to face the outcome of the mysterious deaths with the mysterious books. Will Hester’s fiancée walk away from her when he finds out what she has done? Will Hester even survive whoever it is who seems to have taken a deadly dislike of her!

The Vanishing Type is another wonderful cozy mystery about a group of women who support each other no matter what the fallout. There are even book references throughout the story which are then chronicled at the end in case the reader has interest. My only question is, when will Sheldon become a true member?

Thank you #NetGalley #KensingtonCozies #ElleryAdams #TheVanishingType for the advanced copy.

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