Caramel Pecan Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke

In the most recent installment of the deliciously satisfying Hannah Swensen Mystery series, we find the creative Cookie Jar bakery owner using her skills to assist her friends at the Lake Eden Inn. The Inn is hosting a fishing tournament and their baker backed out at the last minute.

It becomes quite the family affair as Andrea, Hannah’s sister agrees to help. Her friend Norman has entered the tournament, and Doc will be there as well in case any entrants hurt themselves during the week. Which of course sets us up for the murder and mystery!

When Hannah and Norman decide to take a boat ride around the lake, they find a boat just drifting. It looks as if there is a body slumped at the wheel. They discover the person slumped is Sonny Bowman, Host of a popular television fishing show and he is dead. Sonny is an arrogant celebrity who is supposedly an expert on fishing but the only thing he likes to trap are women. And he is engaged to be married!

As for suspects there is Joey, Sonny’s sidekick who is the real fishing expert but stays in the background and lets Sonny walk all over him. Then there is Sonny’s fiancée who decided to surprise him the night before he was killed and found him in a compromising position with someone else.

Mixed into the batter are personal crisis some of the major characters in the series seem to be in the middle of. Poor Hannah and Andrea are pretty much on their own trying to solve this murder.

As always, there are recipes galore dispersed throughout the story and clues readers have to fish out of the water as we await the unveiling of the murderer. But…there is quite the shocker at the end of the story which will keep Hannah junkies anxiously awaiting the next book!

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