One Of The Girls by Lucy Clarke

What was supposed to be a fabulous bachelorette (hen) party weekend for a group of girlfriends from England on a beautiful Greek Island to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Lexi, a woman who everyone adores turns into a weekend of hostility, jealousy and death. Why? Well secrets…

Lexi fell in love with Ed quickly and their relationship turned into a marriage proposal less than a year in. Although her friends are a bit hesitant, they support Lexi’s decision. Lexi on the other hand is excitedly anxious and deep-down wonders if she is making the right decision. But Lexi has a secret.

Bella is the maid of honor who is known to be loud and carefree and very protective of her best friend Lexi. She is also a bit jealous of Lexi’s relationships. She is not a fan of Ed’s. A former nurse, she is here with her girlfriend Fern, whose house they are staying. But Bella has a secret.

Robyn is a lawyer who has just divorced her husband. She has a young son and now lives with her parents. Robyn is a people pleaser who has changed her life to accommodate everyone, except for herself. This trip has begun to remind her of the way she used to be and how much she misses her old self. This weekend will be a rite of passage she never imagined. But Robyn has a secret.

Ana is a single mother of a teenager. She recently met Lexi at a yoga class Lexi teaches and they became fast friends. She is new to this group of women, much to Bella’s dismay. But Ana has a secret.

Eleanor is Lexi’s soon to be husband Ed’s sister. She is a sculptor. She should have been married, but her fiancée tragically died right before their wedding. She is still in mourning for the relationship she never thought she would ever have and now lives a lonely life wishing for what she could have had with her soulmate.

As they all congregate on this magnificent island, one by one the secrets, like dominos begin to fall. What began as a group of women enjoying each other’s company, begins to turn into a fierce battle for Lexi’s attention. friends turning on each other, shocking skeletons, hidden agendas and death.

One Of The Girls is an exceptional thriller which grips the reader and shocks them as one by one they reveal their revelations. The lesson of the story? Well, their are many, but the main one is your past will always come back to haunt you. But be careful because those past skeletons may just cause death.

Thank you #NetGalley #G.P.Putnam’sSons #OneOfTheGirls #LucyClarke for the advanced copy.

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