Her Darkest Secret by Jessica R. Patch

Her Darkest Secret is a twisted murder mystery about a serial killer who has been dormant for years who reemerges and begins his morbid killings again while stalking the two FBI special agents who were in charge of the case years ago, with one seeming to be the killer’s main obsession.

There is good reason for this infatuation. As a young girl, now FBI special agent Fiona Kelly was abducted, along with her sister and her sister’s friends by this madman aptly named the Nursery Rhyme Killer because the dead were staged as characters from nursery rhymes. Fiona’s sister and friends were killed. For some unknown reason, he let her go.

Her partner at the time Asa Kodiak, whose own mother was murdered in front of him and his sister when they were young, worked well together and had a very special relationship, built on what they both had witnessed as children. “Rhyme” as they named the killer, even seemed to kill when they had gone away, which brought them back to work, it seems much to the killer’s glee.

No one can understand Rhyme’s resurgence. Why now? Fiona and Asa are no longer even partners. But one thing is for sure; he is getting bolder leaving flowers for Fiona and seems to be stalking and taunting her.

As the two awkwardly reunite to try and solve this mystery working together while dealing with their own unfinished history, Rhyme is on another killing spree and they need to act quickly. The team spends hour trying to figure out if today’s suspects knew the victims from years ago. Fiona and Asa begin to feel these new killings are somehow trophies for Fiona.

As the list of suspects is reduced and they set their sights on who Rhyme could possibly be, the danger to both agents heats up as Rhyme sets his sights on them. As Fiona must deal with the guilt of letting this person somehow run and ruin her life for years, she also feels she in some way must be to blame for his actions. Why did he let her go and not kill her years ago? Asa is dealing with his own guilt as he relives his mother’s murder. He himself has guilt from years ago and what he may have done to prevent what happened.

Fiona and Asa are both tested in so many ways as they try and not only capture Rhyme but find a way to heal individually as well as together. But, as Rhyme’s anger becomes more intense, and the pieces of the crime begin to fall into place, will they both live? Her Darkest Secret is a thrilling gripping story with a surprise ending. We can only root for Fiona and Asa to come out of this alive.

Thank you #LisaWray #Harlequin #JessicaR.Patch #HerDarkestSecret for the advanced copy.

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