Lucy Checks In by Dee Ernst

Lucy Checks In is a deliciously satisfying uplifting story about a woman after a horrendous scandal and heartache who had accomplished so much and was now starting from scratch learns that true meaning of hard work, friendship and love.

Lucia Giannetti and her wonderful life turned into a disaster. A hotel manager at a fancy NYC hotel, she lived in a beautiful apartment within the complex and had fallen in love with the owner of the hotel. Then one day the owner of said hotel disappears and along with him are the pensions of all the employees and much more, leaving Lucy to pick up the pieces and unfortunately, heartbroken, being looked at as his accomplice, and also jobless.

After fighting for her reputation, having no money and living with her parents at the age of 50, Lucy is approached to manage a hotel in France. It is a hotel in a small town called Hotel Paradis. She arrives with sugar plums dancing in her head. Unfortunately, what she finds is a pretty dilapidated hotel with a group of eccentrics living there who are employees of sorts and quite the cast of characters! The rooms need painting and beds, and she is now responsible for not only fixing up the rooms, but establishing a website, with pictures!

The owner, Claudine, who speaks no English believes Lucy is the lifeline to the hotel’s future, while the other employees see her packing her bags and fleeing! With little money, Lucy and the gang must pull together and be as creative as possible to figure out ways to improve the interior and exterior of a rundown flophouse.

But as Lucy starts to envision what could possibly be a gorgeous, cozy hotel and as she enlists the help of the workers who are beginning to accept her as a friend, one in particular who makes her blush, she soon begins to see a boost in her confidence and begins to believe she can succeed.

But her happiness and success are interrupted by a devastating event back in the States and leaves Lucy trying to figure out where her home and her heart truly belong.

Lucy Checks In is an unforgettable, feel-good story with loveable characters and powerful messages for anyone who has ever been down on their luck.

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sGriffin #DeeErnst #LucyChecksIn for the advanced copy.

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