Two Parts Sugar, One Part Muder by Valerie Burns

Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder is deliciously sweet in so many ways with eccentric characters you fall in love with and an adorably intelligent enormously delightful dog. This book will keep you entertained and smiling from beginning to end.

Maddy Montgomery’s life has hit rock bottom. Left at the altar, this popular influencer is now a complete embarrassment, so she thinks. But when she receives a surprise inheritance from her great-aunt Octavia who lived in a small town in New Bison, Michigan where she owned a bakery, she and her Jimmy Choo’s head there to pick up her check.

But wait, there is a small (or perhaps big) catch it seems. In order for Maddy to receive the bequest, she must stay in New Bison for a year and take care of the bakery and surprise, surprise, “Baby” who at 250-pounds of English Mastiff is no baby and who was the love of Octavia’s life!

So Maddy tries to settle into the town, and become friends with Baby, as much as you can make friends with a huge dog who thinks it’s ok to sit on you, try and figure out that the employees of the bakery expect from her, especially since she can’t even cook an egg, and meet the people in the town who all seem to want something, even though she hasn’t a clue as to why. She does have her aunt’s friends to guide her, and Baby seems to be able to point Maddy in the direction of people who are a threat!

Then the Mayor is murdered in the bakery and the list of suspects include Maddy of all people! That’s when Maddy and her aunt’s friends decide to find out for themselves who killed the very unlikeable politician and why! Unfortunately for them there a many suspects. And soon Maddy discovers poking into other people’s business could be dangerous when she and Baby become the target of perhaps the murderer.

While all this is going on, and she is missing her aunt desperately while trying to make good business choices all the while using her influencer status to keep the bakery, the town, herself and Baby interesting, she becomes very excited for what her future might bring…if only she can stay alive to see that future!

Valerie Burns’ cozy read is a terrific, warm, yummy cuddly story with wonderful characters and gargantuan dog with just as big a heart named Baby! There better be a book two!

Thank you #Goodreads #KensingtonBooks #ValerieBurns #TwoPartsSugar,OnePartMurder #ABakerStreetMystery for the advanced copy!

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