Peg And Rose Solve A Murder by Laurien Berenson

Peg and Rose are sisters-in-law who have never really gotten along. Now in their 60’s Rose has decided they need to make amends and try and bury their past displeasures with each other. Unfortunately, Peg, who is stubborn, is a bit unwilling to let it go.

Rose is a former nun who is married to a former priest. She was very young when she took her vows and at the time believed she knew it all about life and love. But of course, with age comes wisdom and sometimes regret. She and her husband Peter have traveled the world helping people in need. Rose is quiet and subdued.

Peg is an inquisitive curmudgeon who owns poodles and works at dog shows as well as shows her own animals. She lost her beloved husband Max years ago and misses him terribly but has her animals to keep her company and is quite content.

Rose asks Peg to join a bridge club with her. Peg says absolutely not. Rose tells her they are family, and it is about time they try and find a way to get along. The usually stubborn Peg finally relents.

But if Rose thought playing as partners in a bridge club with Peg would be a bonding experience, she was seriously wrong! Their squabbling was quite the entertainment for the rest of the players! Peg, who in the past has helped solve a few murders was not too happy with the cast of characters they were playing with. It seems some were cheating, while others were gambling. But Rose convinces Peg to try one more week and lucky for them they did because it would be the last week of the bridge club.

One of the players is shot dead in his home. He was the quiet type and seemed to have no enemies. But of course, this piqued Peg’s interest, and she convinces a very reluctant Rose to help her look into the murder.

As they begin to interview the other players, they find out sometimes bridge partners could think they have deep hidden secrets but in reality, everyone else knows. And the list of suspects seems to only grow when Peg is shot at while in her house. While the two investigate, they begin to get comfortable with each other and actually “gasp” start to like each other! Could this 40-year feud be over?

Now all they both need to do to have a real friendship is not get killed as the murderer seems bent on never being caught even if that means shutting down Peg and Rose’s investigation.

Peg And Rose Solve A Muder is a funny, wholesome cozy for any age as well as for anybody who enjoys great mysteries and loves dogs.

Thankyou #NetGalley #KensingtonBooks #PegAndRoseSolveAMurder #LaurienBerenson for the advanced copy.

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