All Dressed Up by Jilly Gagnon

In this wonderfully twisted mystery, get ready to play along with a group of guests who are staying at a grand hotel preparing to participate in a delightful murder mystery game. But one murder may unfortunately be real!

Becca and her husband Blake have been having serious marital problems. Blake has decided to take Becca away on a surprise 1920’s themed weekend. But unfortunately for Becca, Blake has neglected to tell her it’s a murder/mystery game. And thus lies a part of the reason they are having issues!

To make this adventure even worse for Becca, her husband’s business partner and wife are there playing the game as well! Just what Becca needs! Trying to pretend their marriage is as perfect as theirs. But Becca knows this weekend is important to Blake so she must just play along with it all for the sake of saving her marriage.

As the game begins, they are given their identities and their history of their characters and soon someone is found “dead”. As Becca begins to look for clues as to which guest could be the “murderer”, she accidentally stumbles on the fact that one of the actresses portraying a character has gone missing. She finds this mystery even more interesting than the actual game itself. So, she begins to look for clues as to why this girl could have disappeared.

Unfortunately for Becca someone might be on to her interest in the disappearance and exactly what she knows. Becoming a bit paranoid, she tries to decipher the clues of the game versus the clues of the disappearance without getting her facts mixed up.

On top of all this, she and Blake cannot get past their troubled relationship and Becca hesitates to explain what else is going on figuring he will just think she is jumping to crazy conclusions. And maybe she is?

But when she stumbles upon a scene which is not from the game being played, she becomes the target of a true killer. A killer nobody even knows exists! Can Becca survive this murder mystery weekend without getting herself actually killed?

All Dressed Up is an amazingly executed mystery within a mystery with many clues and suspects and characters. But the ending is totally worth the wait!

Thank you #NetGalley #RandomHouse/Bantam #JillyGagnon #AllDressedUp for the advanced copy.

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