I’m The Girl by Courtney Summers

I’m The Girl is a powerful story which combines a murder mystery with a young girl’s rite of passage into an adulthood no one her age should ever have to live through. It is not helped by some who would prefer to lie in order to take advantage of her. It also shows the power of suggestion and what some young women want to believe in order to achieve their dreams.

Georgia Avis is 16 years old. She lives with her older brother. Their mother has passed away and they are barely making ends meet. It’s Georgia’s dream to become a model and make it big, which it seems everyone except her mother has told her.

Their mother when she was alive worked for Aspera, a place where rich people go, and all their dreams come true. They have what they call “Aspera girls” who help these famous people get what they want. Unfortunately for Georgia, her mother was fired from Aspera and with the firing went Georgia’s dream of being an Aspera girl. Or so she thought.

It’s summer and Georgia is trying to create her own destiny. She had met a man at the mall who told her she was so beautiful she could become a model and she should get head shots. Unfortunately, she fell for the idea and took all the extra money her brother Tyler had put aside. She never found the man after the photo shoot and realized much too late it was a scam. Putting the poverty-stricken duo deeper into debt. But Georgia is confident she knows her beauty will help them. She knows if she could just get a job working at Aspera their money problems would go away.

Tragically one day she discovers the dead body of a young girl on the road, only to be hit by a car in the process of finding her. She was lucky that the owner of Aspera had been driving by and was able to help her. The dead girl, Ashley, is the sister of someone she slightly knows who she has had a crush on since she was younger. Her name is Nora James, and her father works on the police force.

When Georgia is approached by the owner of Aspera to work as an Aspera apprentice, she jumps at the chance, being told that her beauty will get her far. Meanwhile, Ashley’s sister Nora decides she needs to find out who killed her sister and Georgia agrees to help her.

As Georgia and Nora begin to get closer, Georgia is having a difficult time understanding the rules at Aspera. What she begins to understand is power can trump the truth. Georgia will never be able to go back to being the innocent girl she was at the beginning of the summer, even though she seems to think her beauty is sustaining the cash she is receiving for her job.

But when Georgia and Nora’s worlds blow up, they will only have each other.

The It Girl is the initiation of a young innocent girl into the dark, seedy underworld of people who can make you believe you are the most important, beautiful person on earth only to disregard and break you. Manipulation and abuse are a disturbing combination and a life lesson a young woman should not have to endure.

Thank you #NetGalley #WednesdayBooks #CourtneySummer #I’mTheGirl for the advanced copy.

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