Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger

Last Girl Ghosted is a heart-stopping mystery ride in which you never quite know where you are going and are stunned by the time you finally get there.

Wren met him on a dating app. Against her will. She was content in the life she built for herself. Podcaster, advice columnist who grew her business to where she could live comfortably. She always tried to live in the present never wandering back to who, where and what she had come from.

But when her best friend finally convinces her to try opening her mind to allowing someone into her life other than her, she reluctantly agrees. And although she had a few misses, she finally seemed to meet someone who got her. They began spending all their time together. Sure, he was a bit of a mystery, but so was she. Sure, she never met any of his friends, but she never introduced him to her best friend. As they grew closer, she decided to tell him her deep dark secret. Something no one else knew, her best friend didn’t know the full story really. And then he just disappeared. Ghosted her. Vanished. Took himself off of all social media. When she finally goes to where she thinks he works, it doesn’t exist.

And then she questions why? Is it possible her terrible secret was too much for him? Now, regretting her decision to tell him, she decides this must be her fault. Even though he is gone, she just can’t seem to forget him.

But when she is contacted by a detective who has been looking for this man, who seems to have had few different names on the same dating app, she cannot and does not want to believe it’s the same person. It seems this man she seems to be the link to some missing women over the years. But they are missing, she is not. It can’t be the same person.

Then she begins to get strange messages. Are they from him? Is this her imagination? She is unsure who to believe, the detective she doesn’t fully trust or this man who makes her so happy. And what about those other women? Is there really a connection? So, Wren decides to find out.

What happens next is breathtaking, galvanizing race against time with shocking revelations and an ending which will blow you away.

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