No Stranger Here by Carlene O’Connor

In the small town of Dingle, Ireland there has been a murder. The body of wealthy Johnny O’Reilly, horse owner was found dead on a beach, dressed in his suit as he was last seen at the party he had attended. Surrounding his body are a set of curious clues and footsteps leading away from him, but none coming towards him.

Needless to say, when someone from a prominent family in a small town is murdered, well, the gossip mill goes into overdrive. But for one former resident of the town, Dimpna Wilde who is a veterinarian like her father who still lives in Dingle, she and her son Ben have not been back there in years for many reasons. One being her marriage fell apart when her husband was accused of cheating clients and then killed himself leaving Dimpna to feel it her obligation to carry his burden, as well as her own.

So, as her animal clinic in Dublin goes into foreclosure for non-payment and her son traveling to parts unknown, when two police detectives come to her to tell her of O’Reilly’s unfortunate fate, she fears for her parents in Dingle who has a rocky relationship with him all of course, due to her. She picks up and heads back to a town which harbors nothing but horrible memories.

You see years ago, something terrible happened to Dimpna and she accidentally caused the death of one of O’Reilly’s prized horses. She has never been able to forgive herself and also feels guilty knowing her parents have had to live with her mistake while still living in the town.

What she finds as she returns is chaos. Her father unbeknownst to her is in the midst of dementia, but still working and at times unable to process what is going on. A drug which was found in the murder victim’s system seems to have come from his veterinary practice. Her parents seem to be two of many suspects in the town. So, while Dimpna reluctantly tries to put her father’s practice back in order, trying to avoid the people of her past who still haunt her to this day, she is also there to find out who really killed O’Reilly if not just for her parent’s sake.

As the detectives begin to look into the murder, and Dimpna finds interesting clues which then opens the door to her troubled past, she can’t help but think perhaps her father is to blame. But is he being set up? If so, by who? With so many suspects and with her father’s decline, she must wade lightly through the waters to find the true story. But, her curiosity could be the death of her.

No Strangers Here is quite the thriller, with a wonderfully thought-out mystery and incredible plots which will keep the reader engaged in the story up until and including the ending.

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