The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling/Rachel Hawkins

The Kiss Curse is an absolutely, adorable, funny, delightful follow up to The Ex Hex by author Erin Sterling who also writes under the pen name Rachel Hawkins.

With her cousin Vivi now happily married to Rhys Penhallow and heading off on their long-awaited honeymoon, and her mother away on vacation, Gwyn Jones is put in charge of their witch shop, Something Wicked which is a tourist favorite just in time for all of Penhallow’s Halloween season. Everything seems to be going well until ANOTHER Penhallow brother show us!

Wells Penhallow, Rhys’ brother has decided he needs a change and comes to his namesake town to open none other than a witchcraft shop! Across the street from Gwyn and Vivi’s! And Gwyn is having none of it! So yes, he is handsome and has incredible hair. Lots of hair! But this is their town now and she is in charge!

Until one day as she visits Well’s store just to snoop around and a box falls on both of them and powder flies out and they unexpectedly kiss! They both believe the box has been cursed and they both are tremendously embarrassed. They decide to stay away from each other, not knowing what else the curse has in store for them, but strange circumstances seem to keep pulling them together.

It seems there is quite a bit of witchery going on in Penhallow, and some of it is not the good kind. So, Gwyn enlists some magic students to help her try and figure out what’s happening to the town. Then Gwyn’s powers begin to go on the fritz. She knows it might take the help of another powerful witch to help her figure out what darkness has been invited into the town. Ugh, Wells…

Is it possible for these two to work together without a.) killing each other or b.) falling in love?

The Kiss Curse is a fun, charming book with a wonderful mystery and enchanting characters those who read the first installment have grown to love! And with that said, there is one last Penhallow brother! I can’t wait!

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