All The Dark Places by Terri Parlato

An astonishing psychological thriller in which one death opens the door to a chilling pandora’s box full of hidden secrets and mysteries.

Molly Bradley is content in her life. She has a wonderful husband who she trusts, great friends and a job she loves. But all that changes in just one night. As she falls asleep after the party she has just thrown for her husband’s birthday, she awakes to the worst imaginable nightmare anyone could imagine. She finds her husband Jay, a psychologist, dead in his home office. Murdered savagely.

Enter Boston Detective Rita Meyers who has been on the Boston Police force many years. She’s used to seeing death. Ruling Molly out as a suspect, she dives into who could possibly want the psychologist dead and why. They seemed to have a solid group of friends, although they tell her Jay had seemed distracted a bit the past week. He had been in the process of writing a book about psychopathic killers, even recently going to a prison to interview someone.

Molly knew he was writing a book but had no idea what it was about. When she finds out it shakes her to her core. As she tries to begin life without her best friend, she begins to believe someone tried to break into her house and is stalking her. But unbeknownst to both her friends and the police, Molly has a past in which none of them, but Jay knows about. And she refuses to give up the information because she believes her life will never be the same again.

As Molly and Jay’s friends surround her with love, Detective Meyers’ gut reaction is something is off with them. She thinks one of them knows something. Then Molly begins to get phone calls from an unknown person and receives a letter from prison and her life suddenly explodes once again taking her back to where she had once been.

Is Jay’s death related to her past? How could someone know who she really is? She has been so careful.

Detective Meyers starts to look at this murder very differently. With everyone a suspect, the pieces of this puzzle begin to fall into place. And someone does have their sights on Molly. Can she find the last piece before Molly is gone forever?

With the many twists and turns the story takes, and an amazingly shocking ending, this page turner is well worth the read!

Thank you #Goodreads #KensingtonBooks #AllTheDarkPlaces #TerriParlato for the advanced copy.

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