Not That Kind Of Ever After by Luci Adams

Not That Kind Of Ever After is a charming story about a young woman who is at a crossroads in her life. While everyone is changing and growing up around her, she is at a loss as to what to do next. She continues to look for her own Prince, but only seems to be kissing frogs…so many frogs!

Bella Marble is having a sort of mid-life crisis. Turning thirty, she is nowhere near where she thought she would be in her life at this point. No boyfriend (or husband), not a writer (at all), and living in an apartment with four other singles (not ideal). But at least one of her roommates is her best friend since childhood, Ellie. But her boyfriend Mark sleeps over quite a bit, ugh! And just like that, everything changes.

Ellie and Mark decide to move out and get their own place and become engaged. A suspiciously odd couple move into Ellie’s old room, and Bella still has writer’s block. But after Bella discovers an online site where people write stories which other people read and comment on, she decides to try not only her hand at writing but decides to document her quest to find her Prince Charming. She writes about her not-so-great dates and gives them funny fairy tale headings.

Although her dates do not go too well and she continuously asks Ellie’s brother Marty for help and advice because, well, he is a player, and a handsome one at that, she begins to find she has a following on the site.

Then, her life comes crashing down around her. She and Ellie have a terrible fight and stop speaking. This has never happened before. Of course, the impetus for the fight was Mark, ugh. She then discovers her parents, whose love story has always been the basis for Bella’s Prince Charming, inform her they are getting divorced. Her stories have gone viral, and she now feels pressure to come up with more interesting fairy tales to keep her readers excited. But she can’t seem to find the mojo. Bella’s just tired. Of it all. How on earth does she get her best friend back and prove there is more to her writing than just sloppy dates.

Without Ellie, Bella turns to Marty to steer her in the right direction, only to have everything blow up in her Cinderella face! Can you truly ever find your Prince Charming? Someone who will be there for you forever? Or do you just settle for someone less. Sometimes wishing for something so desperately and getting it is far worse than what you had. Especially when the one person you’ve counted on since you were young is not by your side.

Not That Kind Of Ever After is a hysterical, empathetic look at dating, trying to change your life, trying to become a real adult and hopefully learning a few lessons about life and love.

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sGriffin #LuciAdams #NotThatKindOfEverAfter for the advanced copy.

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