Whistleblower by Kate Marchant

Whistleblower is the poignant story of one courageous college student and a group of her friends who take on a college conglomerate where money and prestige are more important than the students who attend the school. These students will fight for the rights of those who have been harmed and by doing so will open up a buried can of worms and prove there can be strength in numbers. Of course, there may also be a bit of romance thrown in to make for an even more interesting story!

Laurel Cates is a junior at Garland University. She is on the school newspaper and trying to get published. Through a tip she accidentally stumbles upon a not so flattering story about the football coach who is revered by both faculty, students and especially the football players.

But as Laurel begins to dig deeper into the story, she discovers an even darker history, but has no proof. No one will go on the record until one person, quarterback Bodie St. James gives Laurel some information off the record which she then takes and runs with. But when the story comes out, Laurel finds herself in the position instead of being praised, is mocked by the other students, her car damaged a football player and more importantly not believed by administration.

As Brodie begins to see and understand what is really happening, his position changes and he decides, with the help of Laurel’s friends to come together and blow this secret out of the football field and into the open at a personal cost in order to help those who have been unable to speak. What will the administration do? What will the other students do? Can this story finally be told, and the coach be held accountable?

Whistleblower is an empowering enjoyable read, a sort of David versus Goliath story headed by a strong-willed woman, who if you had asked her at the beginning would have told you she always tries to just blend in, who figured out a way to give those who were unable to speak for themselves, a voice to let everyone know what really happened.

Thank you #WattpadBooks #RachelWu #KateMarchant #Whistleblower for the advanced copy.

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